I'm playing my original solo piano music around the Los Angeles area now. This music is designed for clubs, restaurants, and parties. | for bookings contact: beyondmars2057@gmail.com

sun by paul tassopulos 05-11-2015

Tuesday night July 26, 2022 Los Angeles - I just made my made made my first trick video for Tik Tok called Quantum Turnaround.

Saturday night June 26, 2021 Los Angeles - I'm posting this video here that I did few months ago for a college course. I love doing original short pieces emphasising speedy runs now.


Wednesday night May 6, 2015 Los Angeles - I just recorded my first jazz piano piece called A Picnic with Strawberries. I wrote it a few weeks ago. This was played straight through with no corrections on midi. The middle section is improvised.


Saturday night March 8, 2014 Los Angeles - I just got finished recording The Ribbons of Time. I played it straight through. I changed the volume of 5 notes. I did no other corrections on midi.